In a new dramatic staging, SCENATET presented the compelling masterpiece Aspern Suite by Salvatore Sciarrino at KLANG Festival 2018, between 6 – 8 June. Based on the American author Henry James’ Venetian love drama The Aspern Papers from 1888, Aspern Suite explores themes such as ambiguity, mystery, isolation and seductive darkness in a diffuse movement between presence and absence.

The Aspern Papers, a mysterious drama between two former lovers, across time in a city full of history and ghosts, inspired Salvatore Sciarrino in the late 1970s to write Aspern Suite for soprano and ensemble; A contrasting and dark musical narrative and mini opera, drawing its power from Venice and from Da Ponte’s lyrics to Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro.

In an at once dreamy and gloomy staging, SCENATET fuses Aspern Suite, light, video and scenography into a dramatic and deeply enticing story that drags the audience into an extremely sensuous and surreal universe across time, space and hidden feelings.

Italian Salvatore Sciarrino is the avant-garde composer par excellence. SCENATET premiered the opera Infinito Nero in Copenhagen in 2015, and performed it with great success at the international festival Warsaw Autumn in 2016.

See photos from the performance here, and find reviews here.

With support from the Danish Arts Foundation – Inter-artistic projects – music/performing arts