Created by: Bent Sørensen & Anna Berit Asp Christensen

Worldpremiere at Astrid Noacks Atelier, June 2011

Performed at Admiral Gjeddes Gaard, 2011, Astrid Noacks Atelier, 2012 and at Golden Days Festival, 2012

Backyard Picture is a number of small independent opera miniatures created by composer Bent Sørensen and artist Anna Berit Asp Christensen. The work on designing and staging Backyard Pictures is also a part of Sørensen’s and Christensen’s artistic process towards a ‘Backyard Opera’ which is premiered in 2015. The Backyard Pictures are based on the individual backyard. Real stories from the backyard – the echo of former events in and around the backyard – melt into the themes of the final ‘Backyard Opera’.

Hair stands in a backyard in Nørrebro. Here quivering, yearning strokes scratch across violin strings, while a woman in a dormer window sings his hard-won gentleness out through her dangling earrings.

Anne Middelboe Christensen, Information, 20.06.2011