Composed by: Jeppe Just Christensen

The cd Songs & Movements features three works by Danish composer Jeppe Just Christensen, written for and performed by SCENATET.
The cd was released by Dacapo in October 2015.

The cd presents the brand new work Three Songs in 9 Movements, which is written for and performed by SCENATET and Jeppe Just Instituttet.

In Three Songs in 9 Movements the nine movements are grouped three, three and three. That means that the melodies and chords are of the same material in movement one, four, seven etc. The listener can easily hear that along the way. The music is put together with traditional and home-made instruments – and a few instruments that don’t normally belong in classical music like ukuleles, melodicas and mouth organs. But despite all the new instruments the soundscape is in a way still very simple.

Besides Three Songs in 9 Movements the cd features two older pieces by Jeppe Just Christensen: Movin’ (2005) and Douglas (2009) – both written for and performed by SCENATET.

Jeppe Just Christensen is, among others using electro-acoustic and  homemade/rebuilt instruments in his music:
In Movin’ there is a guiro [a piece of wood with grooves, ed.], which runs through everything. In Douglas there is a single home-built instrument: a ladder.

Jeppe Just Christensen (b. 1978) has a diploma in composition and theory of music from the Royal Danish Academy of Music, 2005. He studied with, among others, Peter Bruun, Ivar Frounberg, Hans Abrahamsen, Niels Rosing-Schow and Bent Sørensen. From 2005-2006 he began his post-graduate studies at the Hochschule für Musik, Karlsruhe, with Wolfgang Rihm. In 2008 he had his debut concert at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, where he currently teaches composition.

The cd is supported by Koda, Erik Birger Christensen’s Fond and the Danish Arts Foundation.

With support from Danish Composers’ Society’s Production Pool and Koda’s Cultural Funds.

Photos: Samuel Olandersson