In contemporary art music a current tendency is, that the composer takes part in the performance of their own work. This is the case with a number of pieces in SCENATET’s repertoire, and the concert Composer as Performer revolves around this concept.

Together with composer Louise Alenius SCENATET performs the piece Rouge. Alenius describes the piece as an exploration of the relationship between composer and musician, and the ‘circle’ created in a good process from start to ending. The inspiration comes from the strange kind of love a composer might feel for a musician during rehearsals and concerts – when the music is performed well. A love that in no time can turn to irritation, disappointment, almost hate – when it doesn’t go well.

Together with composer Juliana Hodkinson SCENATET performs the piece Nothing Breaking the Losing of No Little Piece. The piece includes small objects and stretched out strings and will unfold in a cross field between performance and electronics, the composed and the performed, the listener and the performer.

The concert is produced by the Royal Library as a part of a seminar on the subject, curated by phd Sanne Krogh Groth and also included a work by Kristian Hverring. All works were commissioned by Sanne Krogh Groth.