Composed by: Niels Rønsholdt
Created by: Michael Madsen & Anna Berit Asp Christensen

Worldpremiere at Cinemateket, September 2013

Performed at SPOT festival 2014

SCENATET creates an original reinterpretation of the classic portrait concert with the innovative concept ‘Documentary Concert’. The idea is invented and developed by the filmmaker Michael Madsen (‘Into Eternity’, 2009) and artist Anna Berit Asp Christensen. The Documentary Concert merges three different types of expression according to portrait: silent film, the musical work, and the object exhibited.

In Documentary Concert #2 Michael Madsen has created a silent film anno 2013. A camera strapped to composer and artist Niels Rønsholdt follows his movements in airports, concert halls, on the streets and in private. Sound and vision come together in a unique portrayal of the composer as SCENATET play Rønsholdts own music live to the pictures.
The result is a crackling contrasting clash between picture and sound, reality and abstraction, the composers homely idyll and modernist science fiction.

A powerful way to make a  link from the music's many abstract layers to the composer's physical complexity.

Christine Christiansen, JyllandsPosten, 26.09.2013