SCENATET is thrilled to extend a long collaboration with the Danish composer Simon Løffler with an additional piece. Løffler has an uncompromising approach to composing and his works range widely from the extremely violent and expressive to the silent, as well as incredibly intense almost poetic compositions.

Løffler’s compositions are characterized by unusual instrumentation and creative use of electronics and this new piece is no different. In e three musicians are controlling 15 fluorescents lights that are organized as an upright standing triangular sculpture standing in front of the stage. Through a switch-pad resembling piano keys each musician is given the control over five lights that will be their part of the collective triangular light-instrument. e creates a kaleidoscopic sound world in which the central instrument radiates, flickers, glows and burns. It moves between noise, theatrical music and virtuosic instrumentalism, in a synesthetic display of light and sound.

The World Premiere of will be performed by SCENATET at Klang Festival 2017. 


With support from the Danish Composers’ Society’s Production Pool/KODA’s Cultural Funds.