A new performative work by composer Marcela Lucatelli commisioned by Scenatet, planned to premiere in 2022.

Scenatet and Lucatelli share a great common interest in site-specific and personally based development of art, which they will explore in depth with this collaboration. For Harsh, dear, the scene is set on the open part of the artificial petrol island Prøvestenen. The piece focuses on building a monumental sound experience in synergy with the island’s raw and dystopian scenery.

The composition process is based on the musicians’ personal relationship to noise and sensory ecstasy, which defines the sonic and scenic parameters of the work. These will be expressed in a fusion with the former secret landscapes of Prøvestenen, where the musicians are scattered around on the island’s geometric green stripes. The audience will be free to walk around the area, and their promenade will reveal several cryptic layers.

Harsh, dear is supported by The Danish Arts Council