Interludium is a new commission from SCENATET to Jeppe Ernst with planned premiere at SPOR festival 2020.

The piece is based on the idea of ​​”the great piece” as having the function of a ceremonial interlude. Rather than being something real and essential in itself, the great piece has been degraded to an intermission, a break from something else, a parenthesis in time.

Interludium is a study of basic social power relations as well as a study of movement in the eyes (the audiences’) understanding of the human body’s relationship to the surrounding space and the impact varying distances have on this understanding.

Place: SPOR Festival, Aarhus, Den Rå Hal
Date: September 4th and 5th 2020

Have you ever wondered what a pause would sound like if it had a sound? During the preparations for Interludium, we spent a lovely day in Copenhagen with Jeppe Ernst, who reflected upon how to create parentheses in time with or without the use of music. Curious? You can watch the interview here.

Interludium is supported by Dansk Komponistforenings Produktions Pulje, Statens Kunstfond and with support from KODA Culture.