SCENATET joined forces with the American composer/performer collective Ensemble Pamplemousse in a colourful sneak peek premiere of SPOR festival 2016 WYSI(N)WYG.

The concert represented a unique collaboration between the two like-minded ensembles, and during the evening they performed both separately and together.

The programme contained pieces that are immensely performative and playful. Pamplemousse presented to the Danish audience a number of the members’ own compositions. The concert featured, among others, Jessie Marino’s (US) Rot Blau, with a rhythmic tightly synchronized mirroring of two performers and Andrew Greenwald’s (US) dramatic and dynamic A Thing is a Hole in a Thing it is Not (IV). Together the two ensembles performed Bryan Jacobs’ (US) electro acoustic Organic Synthesis Vol. 1. for two strings and computerized slide whistles, as well as Kaj Duncan David’s (DK/UK) impactful choreographed No News Good News, for four performers – a piece that was premiered at SPOR festival in 2014. Furthermore, SCENATET performed Simon Løffler’s (DK) B, composed for an unusual line up of three neon lights, effect pedals and a lose jack stick.