SCENATET opened Rued Langgaard Festival 2016 with a concert programme presenting Langgaard alongside the Hungarian composer György Ligeti.

In 1968 Ligeti announced: ”Gentlemen! I have just realised that I am a Langgaard-Epigone.” And thus the Rued Langgard Festival 2016 brought connections between the two composers to light.

SCENATET performed the second movement from Langgaard’s String Quartet no. 2, Bortkørende tog (1918) accused at the time of being close to abuse of the art of sound.
SCENATET also performed Ligeti’s 1962 composition for 100 metronomes: Poème symphonique  – a result of the composer’s brief acuaintance with the Fluxus movement.

The programme also included three of Langgaards so-called puzzle pictures from Insektarium (1917): Vandregræshoppe, Dødningeur and Stikmyg, in a new arrangement by Jens Peter Møller.