Created by: Anna Berit Asp Christensen

Worldpremiere at Vesterbrogade 96, September 2009

Performed at Strandlodsvej 9A, 2009 and Bergen Festspillene, 2012.

Living Room is a concept developed by artistic director Anna Berit Asp Christensen. SCENATET have since 2009 given intimate concerts in selected private houses.
While the concert hall is a public room, the Living Room concerts take on a certain intimacy and personality as soon as we enter the private sphere. For audiences it is a surprise to the last moment where they are going and who they will meet. They do not know in advance what is going to happen or how they will react. This creates vulnerability and at the same time a feeling of belonging together.

The concert installations are based on the stories and music that already exists in the chosen homes. New music is mixed with glimpses of existing music and merged with text and visual elements of the private homes as scenography and concert hall at once.

At the Living Room concerts the audience experience something that they do not get in the big concert halls. The instrument's shades, the facial expressions of the musicians and an ordinary informal comfort. There is a unique intensity in the room that you as a regular listener normally never experience. Some of the common intensity that musicians themselves experience on stage.

Henrik Friis, Politiken, 2.10.2009