A modern interpretation of one of composer Salvatore Sciarrino’s main works. We will challenge and reinterpret Lohengrin in a cross-aesthetic live installation, in which the existing structure of the score is broken down and re-composed in an equal context with location, sound, light, video, bodies, and voices.

The audience is invited to a walk around a moving sound universe, established through both physically moving musicians and audio that moves through live recordings and travels through speakers. All in an exploration of ‘the other’. ‘The other’ as something at the same time threatening and alluring, ‘the other’ as something we do not understand, and which we can either choose to reject or let expand our horizons. Through the musical universe, ‘the other’ becomes a silent invitation to expand our senses and understanding. For Sciarrino, the relationship with ‘the other’ is first and foremost a meeting with existence. The music unfolds in an abstract way, a story that we – without being able to explain it – recognize because it asks for all the unexplored things that might nurture human relationships.

Staging and stage design by Anna Berit Asp Christensen.

Place: TBA

Date: 2021/22

The project is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and The Obel Family Foundation