Composed by: Niels Rønsholdt

Worldpremiere at SPOR Festival, May 2013.

Performed at Transit Festival 2013 and November Music 2013.
Performed in a new symphonic version together with DR Underholdsningsorkestret at KLANG festival 2014

Requited love is one of the most powerful ideals in our culture. Not only is there a Christian-religious reminiscence; the joys of love are also the backbone of the understanding of life in pop culture. The reality, however, is in many ways a different one: Love is not always the source of joyous release. On the contrary, it is just as much the root of human unhappiness and humiliation: It is selfish, unromantic, destructive, cruel. Unrequited love is perhaps even the very essence of love – and not its aberration.

One of the strongest manifestations of romantic love is the modern French chanson, personified by singers like Brel, Brassens, Piaf and others. Here the dream of the perfect love is unfolded in music and text, here love lives in it’s mysterious Parisian romance – far from the trace of suffering, humiliation, injury and loneliness in love.

The devil sees everything inside-out: In Hell, the good is turned into evil, in the distortion of the magic mirror, beautiful seems horrible. In Me Quitte this is parafrased and interpreted directly: Jacques Brel’s chanson Ne Me Quitte Pas (don’t leave me) resounds like a mirrored, distorted echo through all 10 songs.

A commission by SCENATET