Created by: Anna Berit Asp Christensen and Anne Marqvardsen

SCENATET took part in Talk Town – three days of debates, workshops and artistic events debating everyday sexism, gender, work, art, sex, equality, modern feminism, and women’s politics.

The artistic directors of SPOR festival, Anna Berit Asp Christensen and Anne Marqvardsen curated a musical tour de force, gathering a number of the composers, the festival has cooperated with over the years. They are all women and representatives of a vigorous music scene. Since 2007 SPOR has worked with elements of diversity and insisted that the art and music scene is created by all – women and men, young and old alike.

SCENATET always gives the artistic experiment the highest priority, breaks new ground and encourages debate and reflection. SCENATET took the stage at Talk Town with a concert unfolding the chosen wide spanning diversity of the composers. The concert praises the scene as it right now, and presents eight amazing pieces created by some of the greatest talents of today.


Ragnhild May: Exploration of High Frequency, 2016

Felia Gram-Hanssen: Circular sound, 2016

Jennifer Walshe: Everything you own has been taken to a depot somewhere, 2013

Eva Reiter: Alle Verbindungen gelten nur jetzt, 2008

Sara Nemtsov: Briefe.Puppen, 2012/2014

Mette Nielsen: Fragmented Obstructions, 2013

Jessie Marino:  The Whale is a Capital Fish, 2016

Band Ane: Tidsrejse, 2016