James Black

A meeting between composer and performer James Black and Scenatet’s musicians will form the basis of a future work. It will be built on the interactions between the musicians, including the composer, in a framework where they play with each other in an artificial and childlike way. Black is fascinated by playing as a phenomenon and will explore its potential as a basis for a musical composition.

The work is created from the bottom up by the composer who directs, performs and even performs as many tasks as possible, e.g. costume, choreography, directing etc. The goal is not the perfect, polished expression, but the raw and the immediate. The idea is for the composer to discover the personal potentials that the musicians possess, which are beyond their musical competencies. It can be personality traits, performance style, the way they dance, etc. Features that can be utilized and used in a larger work of art that will combine music, multimedia, theater, choreography and costume design in a way that relates to the composer’s previous work in e.g. This Piece Will Improve Your Life, POSY and Three Songs for Good Health.

The project is under development and the premiere date is yet unknown.


Play is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation