Composed by: Christian Winther Christensen

Premiered at Borealis Festival in Norway, March 2015.

Danish Christian Winther Christensen is a composer with his own unmistakeable style relating to music history through quotations and intimations and at the same time pushing the boundaries. Christian Winther Christensen is co-founder and member of the composers collective Dygong and artistic co-director of KLANG festival in Copenhagen.

The program of the portrait concert is composed by a number of existing works from Winther Christensen’s repertoire, woven together by new works of shorter duration written especially for SCENATET.

The portrait concert of Christian Winther Christensen feature the following program:
Nachtmusik (2011)
Andante Con Moto (2012)
Sextet (2014)
Trio (2009)
Being Apu Sarkar (2009)
6 Preludes (2012)

Photo: Mette Kramer Kristensen