In collaboration with composer Christian Winther Christensen SCENATET has initiated a new cross media project based on Winther Christensen’s earlier research into Richard Wagner’s Parsifal, karaoke techniques and seduction aesthetics.

Based on Wagner’s opera and the thematique motives it revolves around, Christian Winther Christensen  and SCENATET will develop a new composition that explores demagogy and how a crowd can be manipulated through very simple instructions. The project is developed through workshops in different media options and techniques, researching the ways in which we are all subject to modern technology and the seductive powers behind.

The fulcrum of the project is a big self constructed karaoke machine that will be sending out instructions to the audience making them active participants instead of passive spectators. When does the free will kick in? How long before we recognize that we are being manipulated to something our morality would dissociate from?

The concept was tested at a small happening in 2015 at G((o))ng Tomorrow Festival in Vor Frue Kirke, and the ambition is to develop a unique piece for a full ensemble combining the karaoke technology and aesthetics under an overall performative dramaturgy.