kaj duncan david

A new commission by Scenatet. Composer Kaj Duncan David’s latest piece some songs will premiere with Scenatet at SPOR Festival and Frequenz Festival 2023/24

In his series of “spontaneously imagined songs”, Duncan David is deepening his relationship with some of the electronic instruments that he is particularly fond of.

some songs is a series of short compositions for a quartet of voice, EWI, BopPad (electronic drum pad), guitar, and electronics. As with all his previous compositions, Duncan David is exploring the hyperreal sonic space that is made possible through loudspeakers and digital audio workstations. Brian Eno’s seminal 1979 lecture The Studio as Compositional Tool is a key reference here. It describes how the creation of music is fundamentally altered, when we are able to capture and replay ideas ad infinitum, and are no longer limited by what our inner ear can compute.