The piece Southern is a part of the work cycle LIVING SPACES by the Greek-German composer, artist and writer Manos Tsangaris, which will be presented by SCENATET at SPOR festival 2017. Tsangaris is known for his original work where sound, word and drama merges into previously unknown formats. He shows an exceptional ability to affect and move the audience with artistic means that leaves the audience with all senses wide open.

LIVING SPACES is a site specific and stationary music theatre, rethinking the relation between the everyday life and the act of staging. It composes the framing of the piece itself – it composes SPACES.

Like the other pieces in LIVING SPACES, Southern rethinks the relationship between everyday life and staging. The piece takes place in the middle of everyday life and it enters into well-known situations and creates moments of magic. In Southern a small number of by-passers will be ripped out of their everyday doings to witness a performance, where their listening is instinctively sharpened by a clutching darkness. As a result of a correlation between the movements of the performers and humble light sources the performers challenge this darkness throughout the performance – which subsequently will be engulfed in vibrant dancing flashes of lights. Through a composition of movements, light, music and speech Southern frames and stages the day-to-day life in new ways.

At SPOR festival 2017 the SCENATET will also perform two other pieces from LIVING SPACES : City Pieces (Window Piece) and Home. You can experience these invigorating pieces at DOKK1 over three days during the festival.

Have a look at the performance dates in SCENATET’s calendar. 

Photo: From the piece Die Döner-Schaltung by Manos Tsangaris photographed by Claus Lefevbre.