“The Documentation of Apu Sarkar” is a mix between an autobiographical pseudo-documentary and a music piece. The theme explores the ideas behind positive cannibalism where you consume another person to get a share of his qualities. “Culture – that’s something we eat”

Composer Christian Winther Christiansen makes an agreement with an Indian artist (Apu Sarkar) who has incurable cancer to eat him after his death. Winther Christensen promises to create a nice ritual of it; among other things by making a tattoo with Apu Sarkar’s name and composing a song for him. Winther Christensen lets his wife sing it (Clara Stengaard) and she becomes a part of the ritual.

The piece was premiered the first time at SPOR festival in 2009 by Figura Ensemble. Now Winther Christensen is making a new and bigger version of the piece for SCENATET.

World premiere at Spor Festival in Århus in May 2020. More info about the process, dates and tickets will follow.