Date: Mar 12, 2015
Time: 21.00
Place: Borealis Festival, Bergen, Norway

SCENATET are performing a portrait concert of Christian Winther Christensen at the Borealis Festival in Norway in March 2015.

Christian Winther Christensen is a composer with his own unmistakeable style relating to music history through quotations and intimations and at the same time pushing the boundaries. Christian Winther Christensen is co-founder and member of the composers collective Dygong and artistic co-director of KLANG festival in Copenhagen.

Nachtmusik (2011)
Andante Con Moto (2012)
Sextet (2014)
Trio (2009)
Being Apu Sarkar (2009)
6 Preludes (2012)

Photo: Lars Svankjær

Supported by SNYK International Travel Support


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