In Progress

James Black


A meeting between composer and performer James Black and Scenatet’s musicians will form the basis of a future work....

Caress for Caress

Commissioned by Scenatet, Caress for Caress will be the final part of composer Niels Rønsholdt’s trilogy about love...


A modern interpretation of one of composer Salvatore Sciarrino’s main works. We will challenge and reinterpret...


New visual identity

Scenatet is getting a new look, as we are now launching our new visual identity! In collaboration with the creative...
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Interludium is a new commission from Scenatet to Jeppe Ernst with a planned premiere at SPOR festival in September...
Date: Sep 04, 2020
Time: 17:00 & 18:00
Place: SPOR Festival, Aarhus, Den Rå Hal
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Thanks to Augustinus

In a time influenced by confinement and with a world limited by restricted human contact, we at Scenatet continue...
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Interludium is a new commission from SCENATET to Jeppe Ernst with planned premiere at SPOR festival 2020. The piece...

Symphony for 20 Rooms

Symphony for 20 Rooms is a playful participatory, interactive symphony written in 1961 by the renowned Fluxus...